Hey! Thank you all for participating in this event. It was a very tough project for us, and we really hoped the community would like it. We know this has been quite a day, with a ton of posts straight up asking for upvotes, promising donations, overused skeleton memes, and A LOT of comments.

This event has taught us a bunch of things. While we personally don’t mind to have **1 shitposting day** a year where we don’t enforce our regular rules (mainly the MetaBaiting rule), this has really showed us what this could turn into when no one mods the sub for an entire day. It’s both horrifiying and amazing to see what happened to this sub in 1 day, we noticed some very angry comments, and our modmail was full of people complaining too. But the important part of the event, the **infection part**, seemed to worked really well, and like any typical infection, it infected much quicker than we thought it would. Overall, we think this was a fun experience, but we’ll definitely take some time for improving things, and that’s where you come in:

# Please comment on this post any thoughts, ideas or feedback you have on the event, and answer [this strawpoll question](https://www.strawpoll.me/18876478), we want to improve this in the future, and the only way we can do that is with feedback from you.

(Oh, also, for the people that have no idea what’s going on. In a nutshell, we had a special themed Halloween event, based around infecting people using comments and posts, and allowed shitposting for that entire day)

# Some stats: During the event, there have been a total of 9304 psts and 69240 comments (almost nice). The event had 6357 infections, with only 60 cures.

Now, it’s time to hand out awards! Each of these winners will recieve a personal mod award which included 700 Reddit coins, and a month of Reddit premium! Find more about these awards and how to get them [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemes/comments/c7vod4/announcing_rdankmemes_community_awards/).


Congratulations to these 10 brave souls for deftly avoiding the infected horeds and getting that sweet, sweet cure.











These next awards each grant the user 3 months of Reddit Premium and a total of 2100 Reddit coins:


The next award goes to an absolutely horrid person that really pushed the boundaries of ethical and moral meme-hood, with one of his posts, and also definitely angered a lot of people. That aside, he still made a ton of karma, and after all, that’s what this award is about!

Congratulations u/2pac_if!

We would also like to make a dishonorable mention to u/dicemaze. He really showed what is possible if you put all your morals aside. He was the actual top karma earner during this event, but he will not receive a reward because he is a moderator.


This last award goes to someone that really enabled the event to explosively grow the way it did. Without them, we might have way less infected people today. They submitted a total of 521 comments and posts to the subreddit during the event.

Thank you u/ticobeste!

***Patient Zeros***

Now, I would like to take a moment to mention the great patient zeros we had for this event. 150 of them! Each one of them will be receiving a special flair as a sign of recognition and a thank you from the moderators: [https://pastebin.com/Az9GfudQ](https://pastebin.com/Az9GfudQ)

# HUGE THANK YOU TO u/ELFAHBEHT_SOOP for coming up with, planning, building, writing, organizing and managing this event in the best possible way <3


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