It’s that time of the month, everyone – award time!

This is my first time, so be gentle. I must say, it’s nice to finally slide my way in. I hope it doesn’t feel like I’ve suddenly inserted myself in too deep, though I will say penetrating into the weekly awards rotation gives me a feeling of soft, supple warmth that I never would’ve expected.


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Last week’s winners are /u/Animix_io and /u/ThatBoyWithGoggles. They will get a rainbow name and be in the running for our last monthly vote.

[Congrats to our winners!](

Last week’s stats can be seen here:


– /u/ExaFalchion with their post: [Diavolo VS Satania](
– /u/Buckeyramm227 with their post: [when you try to play god, sometimes you face his wrath](
– /u/Animix_io with their post: [When you wanted ? but get ? for 3700 years](
– /u/ThatBoyWithGoggles with their post: [Squidward was just cultured](

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