#Chain posting will earn you a permanent ban even if it’s your first infraction.

###**It’s not a meme it’s a facebook tier shitpost.**

We’ve been getting a lot of chain posts lately, as a reminder to those of you that are unaware of what a chain post is please see the below examples:

* https://i.imgur.com/x7Gbxev.png (Those app icons speak for themselves really).

* https://i.imgur.com/BkfA5v8.jpg

* https://i.imgur.com/aSPhXUT.jpg

If you see posts like the above please reports them for rule 3 and if you want to get the user perma banned even quicker [modmail](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2Fmemes) us and we’ll perma ban them.

Thank you to those users that actually post memes here and for those of you that already help us to remove these posts. This is a long standing rule and nothing new by a long shot, this is just a reminder.


There are plenty more funny memes on this site. Look around…