To remain respectful of those affected by the recent arson attack at [Kyoto Animation](, we will not be allowing posts on the subject. While the number of individuals harmed by the actions of a lone arsonist hasn’t been finalized at this time, one thing is certain: *this is a senseless tragedy.* There are simply no conceivable reasons for something so heinous to occur.

[This twitter thread contains translated coverage of the tragedy.]( For anyone looking to learn more about how it unfolded, this is a good place to start.

#Understandably, if you need a place to grieve, please do so in the comments here.

As usual, respect the rules. We will remove insensitive comments and ban repeat offenders if necessary.

If you are able, please consider sharing or donating to [Sentai’s gofundme page for KyoAni.](

While it’s still unclear whether KyoAni will actually be able to accept donations from the gofundme, another option for donating directly to the studio is to [buy digital artworks from their website.](

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