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All You Need to Know About You Mad Meme

Reading the title, you need to be thinking what really memes are. Of course, we are referring to internet memes which can be really “IN” currently. Memes are actually concepts in the kind of links, images, phrase, fashion, sites or videos that is spread with the internet. It is whatever is shared online. Commonly, it’s quickly spread via blogs and social network sites.

A “Meme” is really a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed in one person to an alternative by non-genetic means (as by imitation); memes would be the cultural counterpart of genes. A meme is transmitted by repetition in the manner analogous for the biological transmission of genes. Memes would be the DNA of human society, influencing every facet of mind, behavior, and culture. The word was coined by British biologist R. Dawkins and it is extracted from the Greek mmesthai, to imitate.

The beliefs held by those individuals better adapted to remain alive until they’d offspring were the beliefs that in turn survived. Since people want to tell and hear stories, they told them with people across the fire and taught them to their offspring, who in turn told them to their own personal offspring. Some of those beliefs were instrumental in their survival. The collective pair of practical ideas together with beliefs inside supernatural in these primitive societies over time changed into organized religions.

Meanwhile, we’re all bombarded with reminders that change will be the new paradigm in support of those who can keep up with- as well as better- become change agents, will survive. This new meme with the urgent important embrace, foster and also champion change requires we embark on ‘creative infidelity’. We have to challenge old norms and previous ways of ‘business as usual’. We have to become unfaithful to and divorced from old, cozy habits which may have served us well before and now we must think of novel approaches to perpetuate our cultural or corporate lineage. This requires courting new ideas, seducing untapped talent and value from existing resources, making new connections inside name of progress and engaging all parties involved to visit combined with the new ways of performing. And we assume it’s progress.

Leeroy Jenkins is really a World of Warcraft character produced by Ben Schultz. The popular video, shows his guild members discussing the detailed plan of attack before a difficult mission. They calculated the success rate reaches 32.33%(repeating obviously). Before the meeting was over, Leeroy charged into battle by himself, while screaming his character name, Leeroy Jenkins in the loud, slow manner, similar to a battle cry. His guild members had no choice but to participate the battle, and was destroyed mercilessly. The video has gotten over 19 million views on YouTube.