We’ve heard your anguished cries, and we have decided to ban memes that we have called “Headline Memes”.

“What is a headline meme, mr.gay mod?”

A headline meme is any meme that takes a headline from a website/article and just slaps on a reaction format.

In fact, usually we don’t ban meme formats outright. We simply do not consider these to be memes at all. Try rubbing those 2 brain cells together a little harder, and come up with something original you fucking karma whore.

Still confused? Here is [an example](https://i.imgur.com/OclvbdP.jpg). Notice its simple, elegant design. Easily manufacturable. Easily farmable. So low effort a bot could be made to rake the front page of BBC every day and shit these into the ether without a care in the world.

So anyway, let’s keep the effort up!

Ok cool,

mr. gay mod out ✌

Edit: We created r/headlinememes if you need somewhere to target your creative excellence.


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