Ok everyone, as you likely know, July 10th is Stefán Karl Stefánsson’s Birthday. For that reason we are making some special changes to our community awards!

First, we have made our normal Stefán award cheaper. We have moved the award’s cost from 2,000 coins to 300 coins so that you can plaster his face everywhere. This is the very cheapest that Reddit lets us make community awards, so we want to see his face on as many posts in /hot as possible in honor of our meme hero!

The second change is that we have also made a special Golden Stefán award that only us gay mods can give out. These will come with a month of premium and will only be given to the very best memes about Stefán/Robbie Rotten. This award will be exclusive to today and tomorrow, and the more coins we get from you handing on the normal Stefáns, the more of these Gold Stefáns we can give back to you!

So get ready, get memeing, and please, think of and honor our hero Stefán Karl Stefánsson today.

Happy birthday, [Number One](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3pf7HCbtXo)

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